If you are a beginner the stock market may seem like a scary place that only those with a lifetime of experience or a huge tolerance for risk should traverse. However, with some simple guidance, the desire to learn and a few modern pieces of technology (a smartphone and a computer) anyone can invest and secure their financial future.

Gazrok's Financial Review

Click the links below for each installment of Gazrok's Financial Review. In this publication you will read about current events and how they relate to your investments. You will also receive very down to earth, understandable advice designed to help beginners navigate the basics of their personal finances and learn how news effects your money!

11/08/2016 - Gazrok's First Financial Review

11/15/2016 - Taking Financial Inventory

Gazrok's Stock Market Picks

The Wendy's Company

Altria Group, Inc.

World Wrestling Entertainment

Regal Entertainment Group

Omega Healthcare Investors, INC.