Below are some of the best items I have found yardsaling and might give you some ideas on what to look for in your own adventures! If you see something you like click the purchase link below and view my eBay store

Sunn PL-20 Beta Preamplifier

As the termperature outside begins to decrease so do the amount of yardsales each Saturday. I only visited two sales this week but one of them was quite possibly the best of the season. For $20 I obtained several crates of sound equipment and among them was this Sunn PL-20 Beta Preamplifier. Anything made by Sunn is extremely collectible and this preamp is one of the holy grails! It also came with an original Sunn Betaswitch 3 which is a foot controlled channel changer. I have seen several custom footswitches made with schematics of this one but never an original. It truly is one of the most exciting finds of the season and possibly my yard saling career. If you are interested in purchasing this please get in contact with me.